Ever wondered what the next big thing in the events' industry will be?

Well here on the Innovations page we will provide you with a snapshot of what's happening around the world and locally with new inventions and creations that can be used at events to improve its sustainability practice. These will be products and services that are not yet mainstream and readily available in the local market but are showing some promising signs.

Feel free to send us some feedback if you think you've come across the next big thing!


Green Design - Sustainable Dance Floor


Dance clubs aren't typically associated with sustainability and the environment any more than other events. However, an environmental organization (Enviu) and a Dutch architectural firm (Dőll) have come together to create a dance floor that generates power as it is being used. Through the process of piezoelectricity, this power generated is fed back into the energy source of the venue and is used to power all sorts of equipment such as lighting and speakers.


Envirobank - Automated Recycling Units


Recycling is one of the most popular processes that organizations and individuals have adopted to do their bit for the environment. Envirobank, which specializes in recycling, have made this process even easier for everyone through their automated recycling units. Apart of Envirobank's Next-Generation Container Recycling initiative, these units are able to sort through different types of recyclable and non-recyclable products when they are disposed in one of these machines and even provide rewards for consumers who make use of this new technology.


Banner Creations - Ecophab


Have you ever thought about how banners could be a part of your sustainability initiatives at your event? Well now you don't have to wonder anymore! Banner Creations have produced their Ecophab range of banners through the process of up-cycling (using waste materials to provide new products). Using predominantly recycled soda bottles for these banners, this product ensures that we are making the most out of these waste materials that are disposed of on a daily basis.


USBCell - USB Rechargeable Batteries


One of the contributing factors to environmental degradation is the incorrect disposal of battery products. Battery-use for radio communications, control equipment and lighting are just a few examples of the use of these products at events. USBCell's rechargeable batteries allow you to continue to use this equipment to great effect while at the same time helping minimise your waste impact. You can re-use these batteries numerous times and is also generally a more cost-effective alternative to disposable batteries.


Car Pooling / Rideshare Programs 

The Institute for Sensible Transport has partnered with Avego, a world leader in innovative car pooling/ride share technologies to provide a comprehensive car pooling solution to organisations wishing to reduce their reliance on single occupant vehicles.