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2. Summer of Sustainability - The Waste Issue

Waste & Cleaning | Waste Management

Waste is a pretty big issue at outdoor festivals. In this chapter you'll meet some of the characters working behind the scenes to keep the SOS music festivals wise about waste. We'll also show you some of the equipment the festivals use to manage waste. Keep an eye out for the Golden Plains custom-made waste sorting tray - it needs a rake, but hey, it works!

The Summer of Sustainability Music Festivals Project (SOS)

The Summer of Sustainability (SOS) is an action learning partnership between government, non-profit organisations and some of Australia's leading music festivals. In the Australian Summer of 2008 and 2009, Sustainability Victoria went out to 5 Victorian music festivals and asked ‘what do you think about sustainability?' What are you already doing? And how did you think you could do it better? Along the way, the partnership grew to include Victoria's Sustainable Living Foundation (SLF) and the new Sustainable Events Planner. This five chapter documentary was developed as part of the SOS project.