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[img_assist|nid=149|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=159|height=326]Beyond ‘Carbon Neutral’ Events
2pm-4pm February 20th 2009

This feature presentation will explore the notion of a carbon neutral
event and why we need to move beyond just emissions-offsetting in order
to create sustainable event practice.

The Forum’s panel will discuss the growing trend of significantly
reducing the impacts of event production, by event organisers, around
the world. Speakers will highlight some of the common challenges to
improving practice, while sharing some inspiring local and
international leading event examples.

The Forum will also outline recent moves to establish national sustainable event standards.



Rob Gell
Environment Ambassador, Commonwealth Games 2006

Former Environment Ambassador of the 2006 Commonwealth Games, Rob Gell,
reflects on the measures undertaken by the Games’ administration to
reduce the impact of one of the largest sporting events in the world.
Rob is a trained coastal geomorphologist and science communicator;
President of Greening Australia Victoria; and a member of the Victorian
Coastal Council.


Amie Green

International guest speaker Amie Green from AGreenerFestival
reflects on the growing global trends by events operators to lower
their environmental impacts. Amie’s work with AGreenerFestival
focuses on helping music and arts festivals around the world to adopt
environmentally friendly practices through information, education and
the simple exchanging of good ideas.


Brendan Condon
Managing Director, Climate Positive

Brendan has founded several companies and two not-for-profits that work
in the field of sustainability and ecosystem protection. In response to
his concerns about the huge risks posed by global warming, he founded Climate Positive
in 2006. With Brendan’s direction, the company has developed a unique
framework that encourages leading practice that goes beyond the aim of
carbon neutral. The company works primarily to measure & reduce
carbon footprints and offset emissions with high-quality projects for
real & long-term global warming solutions, while simultaneously
working towards addressing carbon debt.


Liz Franzmann
Events & Venues Program Manager,
Sustainability Victoria

Liz has a background in community service and international development
program management. Liz's role with Sustainability Victoria focuses on
supporting events to reduce their impacts across energy, waste and
water. In 2008, Liz initiated the Summer of Sustainability project, a
collaboration with five major music festivals to promote greener events
in Victoria and develop online resources for the events industry.


Buzz Thompson
Site & Event Manager, Falls Festival

Alongside his love of the environment, Buzz literally lives and breathes The Falls Festival (Lorne) day in / day out. Tossing in a trip to Byron in favour of a bit of festival work many many years ago, Buzz is now responsible for the Falls Festival site management and layout in Lorne. In 2008 the Falls Festival received the AGreenerFestival Award in recognition of the event’s aspirations to lower its environmental impacts across its operations.